(Español) Phobos vector prime, la novedad en juegos de exploración espacial

Sequels of Indies Games” href=”https://www.starshipsodyssey.com/secuelas-de-indie-games/”>juego indie espacial de estrategia y acción tiene todos los rasgos para obtener la atención y aprobación de los jugadores a los que se dedica. ¡Te lo prometemos! Así mismo, rompe con algunos de los aspectos comunes de los demás videojuegos ​al permitir, por ejemplo, que sea una tarea del usuario reparar fábricas en ruinas […]

Tormentas solares

Solar storms are amazing events that affect our space weather, and given the conditions they can affect even our daily life. We will try to do an explanatory critique of what they are and how they can affect human life in Earth. Our weather changes take place with enough frequency. Every year there are 4 different seasons, every season has a different weather from others.  Even from day to another, in summer for […]

Nuestra posible llegada a Procimo B

The speed of light is an universal constant, is one of the fundamental physical constants which are not to be changed by anything. Speed of light is, was and will be. Just as its name says, it is the speed light travels through vacuum, and it is completely amazing; 299792458 meters/second. Practically 300 000 Km/sec. […]


Hi everyone! Do you remember a few months ago when we were talking about the european intention to get to Mars? Well, all was that, an intention. The achievment was going great, but it failed 50 second before landing. Exomars, what wanted to be the first european landing on Mars, stopped. The fail of Exomars mission […]

Osiris New Dawn lands on Playstation 4 and Xbox One

All console players should be happy right now because Fenix Fare, the company behind the indie game Osiris New Dawn, has announced that in 2017 this space exploration game will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. Currently, Osiris New Dawn is in developing process and can be bought as an early access in the PC […]