Mars, the closest planet to Earth, which has been dreamed and admired by all humans since our begginings as specie. Most of our civilizations, from all around the globe, have been well aware of its presence on the sky, and most of them considered Mars as a god.

Marte, sueño y próximo destino para la raza humana

Currently, the red planet is still part of our daily lives. Nowadays Mars is seen in a different way from our ancestors, now there is a lightly chance Mars could be the first colonized planet by humans in the coming decades. Spacial Agencies from differents regions of the world has been holding missions to Mars in order to collect new information about its habitability. These recent studies have revealed that certainly Mars is the most “habitable” planet inside our Solar Sistem. Actually Mars does not have all the conditions for human live, but the chances are greater by far in comparisson to Venus and Mercury.

On the other hand Mars is completely alive through videogames. As we always say in our blog spacial exploration has been our dream, inside that dream certainly is Mars. As soon as we go the Moon our eyes were put on the red planet, and, although the real exploration to Mars will take a few decades more, by videogames we have already been there.

We all know any game related to Mars. It may be one of first generation, or any of the last one, but certainly the topic has been there in our games.


Starship Odyssey has been in Mars as well.

Starship Odyssey ya estuvo en Marte

During the last weeks, our development division has been working over Mars surface. Literally. We have been working on designing its craters, its ills, and geisers. Mars is a rocky planet, it mountains and rocks are completely remarkable. Of all the planets in the Solar System, the season of Mars are the most Earth-alike, however, the martian climate is harder by far. Due to the inexistence of liquid water on the srface of Mars its torments are composed by dust and rocks, domething similar to our sandstorms, by completely outpropotioned. Its torments easily can long weeks and months, it strong winds carry giant rocks destroying everything around.

Tormentas de viento marciano

Another difference we have taken into account during the development of our videogame, has been the existence of poles similar to the Earth ones. Similar but greater by far. Mars is cooler, the average of the annual temperature changes dramatically from summer to winter, and from day to night. Its minimums are -90 ºC, and its maximums 20 ºC. So ice and criogenic cold have its space reserved in our game, just as they are real in Mars.

Casquetes polares marcainos

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