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Hello everyone! As you know we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek. Last week we told you which are the tv series and movies of the saga. Today we are focusing on its relationship with NASA and the products they invented that seemed impossible back then and that today are normal.

Objects invented in Star Trek

– Who doesn’t remember Captain Kirk and its comunicator that seemed like a mobile phone. In fact, its own inventor, Martin Cooper, admited to be inspired by Star Trek.

The computers 50 years ago were enormous, but Star Trek imagined them small and for personal use, something unthinkable at that time.

star trek

– Also, Captain Kirk used some kind of tablet to sign important documents with a plastic pen as we do nowadays. It even was tactile

– There was huge flat screens on Star TrekEn Star Trek había pantallas planas gigantes. It is normal now, but was strange at that time, when TVs where small and with a curved screen.

– You have probably used some kind of USB drive on the past few days like a common thing. In the 60s, storing information on small devices was something hard to even imagine. However, in the Enterprise ship they used small square drives that were inserted on the computer like a USB trek

– Dr. McCoy was able to diagnose thanks to a tiny scanner, premonitory of the current CT and magnetic resonance. This is one less similar, but we are positive that in a few years we will see this devices like a common thing.

– In Star Trek it was possible to travel through a teletransporter, but that’s not possible yet. However, the technology used in Star Trek to know where they have to teletransport was very similar to our current GPS location systems.

NASA and Star Trek

Star Trek and the american aeronautic institution have been coinciding in their explorer spirit for 50 years. So much that even in NASA they consider Star Trek an inspiration for their work. Because of that, during this time there have been a few  details in some of the spacial missins, like carrying pictures of the characters, dress up like the Enterprise tripulation in official pictures or even the starring of some real astronauts on the tv series.

One of the most remembered details was that, few time after the death of Leonard Nimoy, the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti made the vulcan salute from the International Space Station as a goodbye.

star trek

Also, some of the actors of the tv series have visited the NASA instalations knowing how they work. This relationship has made the NASA to be named almost 20 times all along the saga. 50 years of intergalactic travels make a lot os stories and surely we will be dreaming of living in the iconic ship again. We let you with de NASA greetings to the saga. See you soon!

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