The best galactic video games


If you are fond of galactic video games you can not miss this post where we will talk about the most successful sagas of 2016 and 2017.

Since the galactic video games began in the 1940s they have developed grandiose opening doors and overcoming the possibilities of imagination. Spectacular scenarios have been created, from Earth to beyond our blue planet. One of the best galactic video games that takes us to a galactic journey as is the case of no man’s sky available for ps4 and pc.

The galactic stages offer the possibility to travel beyond the stars and are the ones that most arouse the passion and interest of the players.

Let’s talk about which are the best galactic video games you can not miss if you have a ps4 or pc.

¿what are the best galatic video games of 2016 and 2017?

Mass Effect

Mass Effect videojuegos galacticos

You are Comandate Shepard, you are a very tough human in an expanding galaxy, where you can travel many light years through the Mass Effect Relays, a kind of galactic gates that help travel to other systems. The galaxy is a wild place. Each race has its customs and traditions, its own problems and wars. You can follow to reading about saga here.

Dead Space

dead Space videojuegos galacticos

This game is about a spaceship called Ishimura that suffered an incident so they sent an S.O.S message to seek help… So a technical rescue team was sent to see what was the fault of the spaceship, inside they had an engineer named Isaac that would fix what has been decomposed, with a very small team, trying to enter the ship his welcome Was catastrophic, the aid ship was damaged by a very hostile fall…

Too se the Top space exploration games of 2016. We hope you enjoyed this post, we will you see soon.

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